Help and Information 11-20-01
Antique Mall Accounting System

Need a Password?

Please contact your Mall Manager and give them your dealer number and any 4-10 digit PIN you would like to use as a password to check your sales information over the Internet. We recommend using an easy to remember pin such as your birthday, social security number, motherís maiden name, a child or petís name, etc. (all passwords are case sensitive).

The mall will input this information into their computer and you will be able to check yours sales online within a few days.  If you are still unable to access your sales within a few days after giving your password to your mall manager, please contact your mall manager once again.

Slow connection or pages time out?
If you experience a delay in downloading your sales information online, please check your Internet connection speed.Some dial up accounts (such as AOL) may not give you the highest connection speed during busy hours.In these cases, you may experience very slow page download rates or the server may time out, causing the page to not download at all.  This also occurs with older, outdated computers with under 33.6 K modems and old browser versions.  If you are experiencing any of the above problems, please check that your system's hardware and software  is up to date. 

Need a Store Number?

You must contact your mall manager for the appropriate Store number.